Start to projects for a reduced impact of coastal infrastructural development in West Africa

The meeting of the Steering Committee (SC) of projects for reducing the impact of infrastructural development on coastal ecosystems in West Africa (PRISE 1 and 2) took place in Dakar, Senegal on 7-8 May in the presence of the two promoters, i.e. Wetlands International Africa and the PRCM, as well as partners directly involved in the implementation These MAVA-funded projects aim to close the gap regarding the development of sustainable infrastructures in West Africa coastal areas. Indeed, West Africa coastal areas have been undergoing a profound change for several decades.

Although impelled by development requirements, this anthropization may well consider coastal ecosystems if infrastructural development is sufficiently regulated. Unfortunately, these have not undergone extensive studies, and are therefore not well understood and sufficiently integrated in national development plans. PRISE 1 is managed by Wetlands International Africa and essentially aims to formulate and update planning and management tools and to strengthen capacities, while PRISE 2 is implemented by the PRCM and focuses on enhancing legal frameworks and advocacy for a reduced impact of infrastructural development in five West Africa countries, being Senegal, Guinea, Guinea Bissau, Mauritania and Cabo Verde.

The meeting of the Steering Committee was the first step towards the joint implementation of two infrastructural projects. It enabled partners involved to understand better their mutual plans of action as well as the monitoring system to be put in place to that end. The opportunity was also seized to define in a participatory manner the main aspects of the future communication strategy.