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About the project

West Africa coastal areas have been undergoing a profound change for several decades. Although impelled by development requirements, this transformation may well be pursued in harmony with coastal ecosystems if infrastructural and city development is sufficiently regulated.

The purpose of this project is to mobilise and raise the awareness of stakeholders of the coastline as well as to strengthen and support the implementation of an effective and efficient regulatory and legal framework for the construction and management of coastal infrastructures in order to reduce their impact on sensitive sites, in particular. The project will be implemented on priority sites, being the Saloum Delta (Senegal), the Banc d’Arguin National Park (Mauritania) the Boa Vista Park (Cabo Verde), the Bijagos Archipelago (Guinea Bissau) and the Kapatchez Delta (Guinea).

The priority will be to put in place or reinvigorate multi-stakeholder platforms on the construction of infrastructures and their impact on the coastal zone, with the objective of sharing knowledge on the issues at stake regarding the impact of infrastructures and proposing appropriate regulatory or legal texts to close possible gaps and ensure effective implementation.

Priority actions

  • 1

    Carry out a study on the relevance, effectiveness and efficiency of procedures, protocols and other national and international legal texts on the construction of coastal infrastructures and the management of their impact in the 5 countries of intervention.

  • 2

    Help national institutions in the 5 countries to update their legal and regulatory frameworks.

  • 3

    Assist with conducting an environmental audit of existing coastal infrastructures that severely impact turtle laying sites.

  • 4

    Support the implementation of plans for the environmental management and monitoring of audited coastal infrastructures affecting laying sites, mangroves and sea grasses.

  • 5

    Put in place a national multi-stakeholder dialogue platform on the construction of coastal infrastructures and the reduction of their impact on sensitive sites in the 5 countries of intervention

  • 6

    Organise national awareness-raising and information campaigns targeted on public decision-makers, local elected officials and parliamentarians.

  • 7

    Organise national information and awareness-raising campaigns.

  • 8

    Support the civil society in implementing community watch and mobilisation initiatives on the impact of coastal infrastructures.

  • 9

    Popularise provisions pertaining to the management of infrastructural effects in the additional Protocols of the Abidjan Convention on mangroves, integrated coastal management and hydrocarbons.

  • 10

    Promote the adoption of common directives on the development of coastal infrastructures.


  • National institutions

    Direction du Contrôle Environnemental et PNBA en Mauritanie, DEEC Sénégal, Direcçao national do ambiente du Cabo Verde, AAAC en Guinée Bissau et le Bureau Guinéen d’Evaluation Environnementale en Guinée

  • Network of Parliamentarians and local elected officials

  • Regional and international Organisations

    Abidjan Convention, IISD, Wetlands International Africa.

Latest news

Jul 24
blog 1

The 10th edition of the Regional Coastal and Marine Forum is afoot!

The 10th edition of the Regional Coastal and Marine Forum will be held from 25 to 28 March 2020 in Guinea Bissau under the theme “Ocean Health, a challenge for the sustainable development of West African coastal countries"

Jun 10
blog 1

PRISE 2: experts discuss an amendment to the Abidjan Conventio

As part of the implementation of PRISE 2 Action Plan, experts met in Saly, Senegal 25-26 April 2019 to consider amendments to the text of the Abidjan Convention

May 15
blog 1

Journalists Sub-Regional training on Coastal, Marine Zone ends in Senegal

A four day Sub-regional training on coastal and marine zone for Journalists have recently ended in Saly in Senegal’s coastal city of Mbour

Jul 03
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Start to projects for a reduced impact of coastal infrastructural development in West Africa

The meeting of the Steering Committee (SC) of projects for reducing the impact of infrastructural development on coastal ecosystems in West Africa (PRISE 1 and 2) took place in Dakar, Senegal on 7-8 ...



Feb 12

Atelier national d'informations avec les parlementaires en Guinée Bissau - Mamaselu Djaló

Dec 17

Atelier de concertation sur les techniques et outils de plaidoyer

Jul 02

Rencontre avec les parlementaires sur l'exploitation des ressources pétrolières et gazières offshore


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